About us

Basing on our experience and knowledge, we are working with partners to create reliable solutions that make life more comfortable.

Our company and its partners have been working successfully in the market of energy equipment since 1993. This years, we have devoted to improve consumer quality, durability and reliability of the equipment developed by us. All employees of the company are professionals who are constantly improving their knowledge, growing and developing with the company. Our actions are aimed at long-term. We are confident in our abilities and ready to respond to market demands and offer new solutions.

Electric boilers manufactured by us under the trademark "Nevsky" have proven versatility and reliability in a variety of climatic conditions. Electric boilers “Nevsky” are also widely used as an alternative source of heat, featuring high efficiency and safety of operation.

The priority areas of the company include production of the following equipment of "Nevsky":

  • Electric boilers ranging from 3 to 2000 kW ;
  • Industrial storage type water heaters with capacity from 500 to 10,000 liters ;
  • Industrial electric flowing water heater ranging from 30 to 1000 kW ;
  • Microprocessor automatic control for boilers and other power equipment